330 Brunswuck Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
+61 3 9419 5223
Take the No. 112 tram from Collins Street to get off on the other side of the road from it.

A book store with a difference on a street that once use to be alternative but now is being taken over by stupid yuppie wankers who move next to pubs for the 'lifestyle' and then complain about the noise.

Their catchphrase is 'Totally Weird Shit!' and they have it in spades from tons of dodgy dubbed VHS tapes of hard to get films (often banned in Australia, which has led to them getting raided quite a few times) to just about every Zine produced in Melbourne up the back of the shop.

What I like about the shop is the fact that the pornography is not hidden away behind a curtain or in some 'adults only' area, it is displayed proudly on the shelves alongside other books and videos. This is probably one of the reasons why the shop is so popular - you can get stuck in the shop sometimes as so many people want to come in and have a look (just pass the time looking at the stuff on the large table at the front of the shop.)

From this shop I have bought the complete first series of The League of Gentlemen (which I only found out when I got home was dubbed from a DVD - so take note of the covers when you are looking at videos there) and also two books containing collections of the first two years of 'Pub' strips in Inpress by Fred Negro.

I have been meaning to go there again but I haven't had the money recently. There's always next month...

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