This is a track by Natalie Imbruglia released in 1997 as a B-side on the Torn singles. It was co-written by Imbruglia, Palombi, and Trevisik (the trio also wrote Impressed and Contradictions); produced by Matt Bronleewe (who also produced Impressed, Smoke, and Why).

Two Torn singles were released, both of which carried Torn and Sometimes as the first and second tracks. Torn CD1 (BMG Cat. #74321527982) featured Frightened Child as the third track. Torn CD2 (BMG Cat. #74321530822), on the other hand, had four tracks: Torn, Sometimes, Contradictions, and Diving in the Deep End. On both pressings the length of Sometimes is misprinted as 5m51s- two minutes longer than the actual length of the track.

The song itself is fairly up-tempo and the background consists of a synthetic percussion loop, some bass and guitar, vibraphone, and a nice horn section.

Isn't it like me
To want to say
Things I can't explain
In simple ways?

Why should I be sane?
Why can't I be crazy?

Sometimes I'm up
Sometimes I'm down
I choke on words, and make no sound

Sometimes I'm weak
Sometimes I'm strong
Living with the fear I don't belong

Why is it so hard
To know myself?
Underneath this skin you'll find
Someone else

Don't be so suprised
When you look inside me
(inside me)

Sometimes it's black
Sometimes it's white
You hide behind electric light

Sometimes I swear
Sometimes I pray
Suddenly the guilty disobey

Sometimes I'm weak
Sometimes I'm strong
Living with the fear I don't belong

{musical bridge, unintelligible half-lyrics}

Sometimes I stand
Sometimes I fall
I throw myself against the wall

Sometimes I sink
Sometimes I swim
Tell me why my world is caving in

Sometimes it's sweet
Sometimes it's raw
Gonna to get so high, like I did before

Sometimes it's love
Sometimes it's hate
Sometimes it's all a big mistake

This song is the first MP3 I ever acquired. For a while all I had in my Winamp playlist were Natalie Imbruglia tracks, then I figured out how to rip/encode my own and finally the Napsterbation began...
Of all the tracks associated with her first album this was, by far, my favorite. It's very different from the other tracks that had been released before it, having a much less pop and more rock or scratch bass feel to it.
This track got me looking through music stores to see if they had a copy of the single. This track got me onto eBay, bidding on singles ($70 for Big Mistake CD3!). This track was on repeat in my car for several months during the hour long weekly drive to see the girl I was dating at the time (and am, inexplicably, still dating, more or less).

This obsessive replaying wasn't unique to me, however. I know of at least two other members of the IRC chat that listened to it at least as often as I did. One got to the point where merely saying the word "Sometimes" would ellicit a
* Tobakuki throws himself against the wall.
Yeah. We were hooked.

Then she didn't release much of anything for 3 years, we all grew a little older, and now we are primarily interested in how much skin she's showing. Sunlight, off the new album has the same sort of flavor to it, so if you like that track you should definitely check Sometimes out.

Sometimes at night the fires in my head burn so hot they scorch the walls and leave black spots on the ceiling.

Sometimes the things under my skin try to burrow their way out and I have to press my back against the wall to keep them down.

Sometimes they make in through, but they can't leave all the way, so I'll have to walk around with oozing sores on my back that soak through my shirts and leave marks that don't wash out, no matter how much Oxyclean I use.

Sometimes the songs in my head (and there's always more than one) get so loud that my ears bleed and eyes water and I can't even walk, even though the music's inside my head, not outside.

Sometimes when I hold my breath, gills open up on the side of my neck, looking for water, even if I'm on dry land.

Sometimes I hear rocks crying and mountains weeping and the stars laughing at them. The stars sound the way tinfoil feels when you bite it.

Sometimes the whole world goes black and there's nothing nothing nothing, not even me, and the nothing lasts forever, but then the alarm will buzz or the cat will paw my face and my eyes open and the nothing is gone, replaced by everything. (But I know the nothing will come back, someday, and it will stay.)

Sometimes I find long, pale feathers on the carpet. We don't have birds.

Sometimes there are footprints on the steps outside my house. They are far too big to be normal feet, and they have an extra toe at the end and little pointed indentations that remind me of claws.

Sometimes I feel broken glass piercing my feet when I walk, even when the floor is clean.

Sometimes I hear mama calling me from the kitchen, but when I go in, there's nobody there. Mama's been dead for years.

Sometimes, if I stand still for too long, I can feel the ground moving. I feel the planet turning and feel Earth hurtling through space at thousands and thousands and thousands of miles per hour and I can see the infinite void full of stars and blackness and depth and I just start crying.

Sometimes I wear the color blue.

Sometimes I wear the color black.

Sometimes there are no colors at all and everything is gray, but not gray because there is no gray, either.

Sometimes, I look up at the sky and see all the stars at once, millions and billions and trillions and gazillions of tiny white and yellow and red and orange and blue dots suddenly shining into view all at the same time and the night sky is full of light, brighter than day, with no room for the blue or blackness of sky and I have to run inside before my eyes burn out.

Sometimes I wake up.

Some"times` (?), adv. [Sometime + adverbial ending -s, as in -wards.]


Formerly; sometime.


That fair and warlike form
In which the majesty of buried Denmark
Did sometimes march.


At times; at intervals; now and then;occasionally.

It is good that we sometimes be contradicted.
Jer. Taylor.

Sometimes . . . sometimes, at certain times . . . at certain other times; as, sometimes he is earnest, sometimes he is frivolous.


© Webster 1913.

Some"times`, a.

Former; sometime.


Thy sometimes brother's wife.


© Webster 1913.

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