An album released by Poptones that combines most of the extant recordings from the sessions for Curt Boettcher's unreleased solo album.

While supposedly a solo album, the album features most of the other members of The Millennium, plus Gary Usher, and two of the tracks (baby It's Real and Share With Me) feature on the Millennium's Again album. (This reuse of tracks on different albums is a common feature among the Usher/Boettcher/Millennium albums recorded at the time).

The album combines harmony pop with Moog parts (the latest innovation at the time) from Usher, and steel guitar from Orville 'red' Rhodes. The album seems to be attempting to combine pop and country music. Given the presence of Usher, who produced The Byrds' Notorious Byrd Brothers and Sweetheart Of The Rodeo, this may have been influenced by Gram Parsons' idea of 'cosmic American music', but it sounds more like Harry Nilsson or Van Dyke Parks.

While a very good album, I suspect it would be better shorter. It is unlikely Boettcher wanted the instrumental backing tracks released on their own, and it's very unlikely that he wanted the commercials he recorded for Levis to go on the album.


  1. Tumbling Tumbleweed
  2. Baby It's Real
  3. Misty Mirage
  4. Sometimes
  5. Share With Me
  6. That's The Way It's Gonna Be
  7. Astral Cowboy
  8. Another Time
  9. Wearing Levi's (acoustic)
  10. I Just Wanna Be Your Friend
  11. You Know I've Found A Way
  12. The Know It All
  13. Stretch Levi's
  14. Tumbling Tumbleweed (instrumental)
  15. Misty Mirage (inst.)
  16. Astral Cowboy (inst.)
  17. Meanwhile Back In The World (inst.)
  18. Dreamworld Fantasy No 11 (inst.)
  19. Baby It's Real (inst.)
  20. Louise
  21. Rest In Peace
  22. Bank Americard
  23. Crown Paper Towels

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