A moderately true assumption of certain boy/girl relationships. Often related to poor, unassuming boys of unrequited love (see emo) and/or evil boy/girlfriends, the "come here go away" theory describes a love-hate relationship where the 'drama' queen or king will use their flirting charms to beckon and enrapture the target of their fleeting crush of the hour. Thru some unusual chemical inbalance(more commonly referred to as bitch-factor or idiot-chromosome), once the chase aspect of the relationship is over, an immediate sense of boredom and indifference will overtake the individual and he/she will thoroughly proceed to end all ties with their heartbroken ex-crushes. This may take the form of various guises. Popular examples include:

a)the burning of all love letters and notes, with the ashen remains mailed back to the suiter.

b)the returning of borrowed cds and mix tapes with the phrase,"listen basket case. we are so over. later," etched repeatedly into the jewel/cassette cases.

c)t-shirts and other clothes returned in one big garbage bag, thrown out the side passenger window of the heartbreaker's speeding vehicle as it passes their victim's house or dormitory.

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