The "pompitous of love" originates from a line in The Medallions' 1954 R&B hit "The Letter". Steve Miller was a fan of 50's R&B.

On first hearing, that particular track would appear to say:

Let me whisper sweet words of pismodality
And discuss the pompitous of love.

Vernon Green, the author of "The Letter", says, "You have to remember, I was a very lonely guy at the time. I was only fourteen years old, I had just run away from home, and I walked with crutches." This uneducated kid was prone to fantasy, so he just made up the lyrics. Pismodality, to him, meant words of such secrecy that they could only be spoken to the one you loved.

"And it's not pompitous," he said. "What I said was 'puppetuse,' which is a term I coined to mean a secret paper doll fantasy figure."

But, now all these idiots are cruising around town singing at the top of their lungs along with the oldies radio station about the pompitous of love.

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