October 1, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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Hear o dem bones of this new day within the nodegel.

The gel shimmies and it shakes. It reels and it shines. If the nodegel had a surface other than the infinite reflections that refract in the view of the dorsal eyestalks of those condemned to be E2 godusergroup entities it would no doubt be tsunamied with heaving crests of gel waves. Why? I don't really know but then my fever has not gone down for weeks so that probably has something to do with it. You really should try this pneumonia and abcess in the lungs thing, bones. You might like it. And it's perfectly legal.

I am looking areound trying to do something editorial and useful. I deleted CAPTAIN NEMO's defunct homenode to fulfill sockpuppet's request in yesterday's log.

I'll swim around a bit more and see what I can do.

Okay, I've deleted some old Nov 13 nodes fror yam. Something about Bill Gates' testicles but I don't really remember the details. Fortunately, I think.

"Explosives demolitions, knives, swords, razor blades, straight razor, nails, shuriken, cat's claws, custom rings, fishing hooks, throwing knives, polymer sharp things for getting through metal detectors, sautor,&fishing wire, and the like." No, these are not some of my favorite things, they were the contents of The Big Black Bag of Things That Hurt by snipe. ...Do I hear a big black giant sucking sound?

All these nodes by stuffthings (E1 user, never logged in) are now snuffed things:

Note: I continue to be fascinated with users that post inane drivel that, across nodes, retains a consistent mélange of themes and images. In the case of Mr. Stuffthings, these are: spleens and other gastrointestinal functions, "jorks", Nazis, "Wal-Martians" and the stabbing of children.
  • or: "The disjunctive conjunction everyone loves. Don't you like it? If not , you are one of those nazis ( like play). Or at a bare minimum, you're a jork."
  • lice: A short poem about a Bunny, and Stalin. Too painful to reproduce here.
  • ulcers: "Ulcers are a special nodule factory which reside in your spleen-location. Not actually IN your spleen, but they are just in another location... your spleen is also in a location. See what they have in common?" Um, no?
  • nozzle: Informs us that nozzles are necessary for stabbing children. Thanks, I'll make a note of it.
  • mkfs: "A highly effective piece of antivirus software for unix". Not unless making filesystems cures viruses...
  • John Gilmore
  • : "He has many positive attributes. For one thing, he is not coleman. He also doesn't hang around with nazis. I wonder what he&thinks of stabbing children. He is neither a jerk nor a dork nor even a jork."
  • anatomically correct ooze: (excerpted) "Normal ooze can do the most disgusting things....anatomically correct ooze, however, will not corrupt your precious gastric juices"
  • Wal-Martians: Contained instructions on how to strap cheeseburgers to your head to avoid radiation when they invade.
  • fecalphilia: accuses the creator of the node being a Wal-Martian, and of not knowing that this is actually coprophilia (though he is correct about this latter part).

All these by Cheesemaker are now curds and whey:

  • Beefcake: Apparently it will make you "so buffed you can't get on a bus". Pass me a big ol' slice, the M42 is supposed to arrive in a few minutes...
  • gender polls: "Ummm...do you want to see my gender poll?" Eeeeeewww. I think.

Ye gods: spleenhead has not logged in since April, has no writeups, and so can probably be returned to the nodegel.

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