A kind of johnnycake??????
A pone, and a johnnycake as well, is any bread cooked in a flat pan or skillet, often with materials at hand. There are many types and varieties of pone, including:

Pone (pOn), n. [Of Amer. Indian origin.]

A kind of johnnycake. [Written also paune.] [Southern U. S.]


© Webster 1913

Po"ne (pO"nE), n. [L. pone, imper. of ponere to place.]



An original writ, now superseded by the writ of certiorari, for removing a case from an inferior court into the Court of Exchequer.


An obsolete writ to enforce appearance in court by attaching goods or requiring securities.

2. (pron. pOn) (Card Playing)

The player who cuts the cards, being usually the player on the dealer's right.


© Webster 1913

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