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A less common BDSM fetish than the ponygirl (where more information is to be found). Basically a man dressed in things similar to equestrian gear, and made to perform horse-like activities.

NOT a guy dressed in a foam-and-PVC horse costume.

Ponyboys tend to get confused with the more common "muscular young male slave" type.

If you arent some kinda sicko, Ponyboy is a game that you can play with a child.

There are 2 positions to play, both are designed to give the child a simulated pony ride on your leg. The first position is achieved when you sit on a couch or chair and cross your legs. The child faces you, sits on your foot, and grabs your leg for stability.

The second position offers a more exciting ride for the child but is a workout for you. Lay on your back and pull your legs up to your chest. The child rests his or her tummy on your lower leg and sits again on your feet. This affords a bigger bounce than position 1 and a big finish.

Now bounce the child and sing this song:
Ponyboy, ponyboy
Won't you be my ponyboy?
Don't say no!
Here we go! Out across the plains!
Marry me,
Carry me,
Far away frome here.
Giddy up, giddy up, giddy up,
WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (hold child up as long as possible here)
my ponyboy!(final bounce)

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