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Surprisingly enough, the poop emoji is one of the friendliest and most popular of emoji. It was first invented, naturally, by the Japanese. Its popular appeal seems to arise from its shape -- instead of being tubelike, like we might expect a poop in its natural habitat, it is symmetrically triangular, with the appearance of three layers of swirled material coming to a pinched point at the top. In fact, to those not versed in the universal intent that it be understood as poop, it might appear to be a chocolate swirl as dispensed from one of those old-timey ice cream dispensing machines (and, in fact, Huffington Post reports the revelation that the ice cream emoji is simply the poop emoji shape, repurposed).

It was only a matter of time before poop emojis began being presented as expressive, with joyful smiles and big, innocent eyes, looking up at you like a puppy who just wants to love you and lick your face. And it was only a matter of time after that before people began selling poop emoji pillows (and t-shirts, caps, backpacks, essentially anything you can throw a compact emoji image onto, or shape into one; and, in a sort of digestive reversal, poop emoji cookies and poop emoji cupcakes). Yum!!

Perhaps all of this is good for an often repressed society, to openly acknowledge that poop exists, is a fact of life, and in its way, is part of a healthy existence. So hug and kiss and even eat your poop emoji, in celebration of your poop for which it stands.

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