While changing the color of your poop sounds like the greatest thing since the invention of The Clapper, it probably is not a good idea. Therefore if you try any of this and poop a strange color and then die or something, I take no responsiblity. If you do do this and become a artist who decides to use colored poop as a medium and become famous, I want some credit as your inspiration!

How to color your poop BROWN

  • I know what you are thinking, that brown poop is already your speciality, but do you know why your poop is brown? A orange-yellow substance called bilirubin that is present throughout the body and particularly in the intestine is the culprit. When iron combines with bilirubin, it gives it a brown color. The iron-influenced bilirubin then combines with the feces and turns it brown.

How to color your poop YELLOW

  • Catch giardia. Giardia is a parasite that can cause yellow poop (and severe yellow diarrhea) if it makes it into the intestinal tract. Since giarda is a very infectious and dangerous diease, it probaly isnt worth turning your poop yellow in this method.
  • Develop Gilbert's syndrome. Gilbert's syndrome causes jaundice and hyperbilirubinemia (when too much bilirubin is in the blood).This pigment can cause yellow skin and... you guesssed it yellow poop!

How to color your poop BLACK

  • Black feces usually occurs from partially digested blood. This blood is usually present from a bleeding ulcer.
  • Pepto Bismol (a stomach pain reliever, goes in pink comes out black!}

How to color your poop RED

  • Severe stomach bleeding. If there is too much blood in the stomach, most of it will pass through the intestine and your poop will come out red.
  • Beets.
  • Red Food Coloring. (in large amounts)
How to color your poop GREEN
  • Green food coloring. (large amounts)
  • Large amounts of green leafy vegetables (IMHO, this is NO way to turn your poop green!...but it is a safe way).
  • Bile salts. If your liver is not up to snuff, bile salts can enter your intestine unchanged. This will result in green diarrhea! (Awesome!)
  • Baby's first solid meal. This can cause green feces when they are given food for the first time. (Aww how cute!)

How to color you poop WHITE

How to color your poop BLUE

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