Edible dye used to colour food. Frequently used to make coloured icing for cakes or to whip up a batch of green eggs and ham without risking food poisoning. Food colouring is also sometimes used as cheap body paint. Beware - it takes one hell of a bath to get it out of your skin. I used green food colouring once to evoke nausea in a school project lampooning Jacques Cousteau, and I was green for days afterwards. Some people have allergies to food colouring, particularly the kind containing red dye.

Don't listen to the foul interloper! One hallowe'en I dyed my body blue (no physical costume - not a Smurf, not an axphyxiated dead baby, perhaps just someone in a funk) with food colouring (the remnants of which later ended up in -Blue-) - my mom made me wash it off a couple of days later when she imagined bruises on the walls where I was thought to have brushed against them. Grr! So for hallowe'en night I ended up being a very clean boy. Grr! I hate you mom! You're not the boss of me!

Anyhow, it took much longer to apply than it did to remove, but then again, I was very ... er, thorough. No nook or cranny escaped the loving detail of this craftsman, if you get my drift.

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