"Pootie Tang" is the title of a movie based on a character from the mind of Chris Rock. The movie details the life of Pootie Tang, a man so cool he speaks a language too hip to understand. Pootie grows up and inherits his father's belt, which he uses to dole out justice left and right. Pootie is a pop icon, martial arts master, and champion for the children. He makes public service announcements that work so well that sales of cigarettes, malt liquor, and grease burgers drop to next to nothing. Because of this, he is targeted by "Lecter Corp" an evil corporation, which steals his belt and the rights to his image, name, etc. Pootie runs away while Lecter Corp abuses his fame, using it to sell their poison. Later, Pootie kicks some ass and then gets married, showing the world that he never sold out.

"Pootie Tang" was a one-joke movie. For the first 10 minutes, hearing Pootie speak is funny. It soon becomes painful to watch. The story is that Chris Rock became famous from his stint on Saturday Night Live, but left the show before getting a skit which he could spin off into a movie. Pootie Tang was a character from his HBO special, so he made a movie about that. It’s really a shame.

Release Date: June 29th, 2001
Video Release: December 18th, 2001
MPAA Rating: PG-13 (for sex-related material, language and drug content)
Cast: Lance Crouther (Pootie Tang), David Cross, Conan O'Brien (cameo/himself), Andy Richter, Chris Rock, Wanda Sykes, Dave Attell (Frank), Reg E. Cathey (Dirty D.), Chuck Jeffreys (Bad Bitty)

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