Red Dwarf:
Dave Lister

If you were to meet Dave Lister in a pub, he would be eating a meat pie with a lighted cigarette sticking out of his ear while winning a farting contest between himself and his pals (plus a couple of ladies whom he would have persuaded to join in).

Dave Lister is one of the four main characters of the hit britcom Red Dwarf and is portrayed by Craig Charles. He is an absolute slob, but overall nice guy. Apart from that, he is the last survivor of the human race, thanks to being frozen for three million years. He is the total opposite of Arnold J. Rimmer, his direct superior aboard the mining ship Red Dwarf, who has been brought back as a Hologram, and generally tries to make Lister's life miserable. Oh, and did I mention that Lister is his own father? Well, he is!

In the first episode (The End), he is frozen in stasis for smuggling his pet cat aboard and refusing to give up her location. This is the direct cause for the existence of a further character on board, The Cat. When he is awoken by the central computer three million years later (as the crew died in the meantime due to a mistake made by Rimmer), he is the last human (barely) alive, stranded somewhere in space.

Holly: Good morning David, it is now safe for you to emerge from stasis.
Lister: I've only just gone in.
Holly: Please forward to the drive room for de-briefing.
Lister: Where is everybody Hol?
Holly: They're dead, Dave!
Lister:Who is?
Holly: Everybody, Dave!
Lister: What, Captain Hollister?
Holly: Everybody Dave!
Lister: What, Toddhunter?
Holly: Everybody Dave!
Lister: What Selby?
Holly: They're all dead, everybody's dead Dave
Lister: Peterson isn't; Is he?
Holly: Everybody's dead Dave!
Lister: Not Chen
Holly: Gordon Bennett! Yes, Chen, everybody. Everbody's dead Dave!
Lister: Rimmer?
Holly: Yes, Rimmer. Everybody. Is. dead. Everybody is dead, Dave!
Lister: Wait...! Are you trying to tell me everybody's dead?

The resulting shock is of course not eased when Rimmer, his nemesis is brought back, and when he remembers the woman he loved, the ship's navigation officer, Christine Kochanski. Still, he manages to return to somewhat of a normal life, making it his mission to get back to Earth, and to somehow have a relationship with Kochanski. The fact that a) they are three million miles from the first and b) the second is dead does not deter him in the least. And so, life goes on.

He is not only somewhat of a slob, but the greatest slob who ever lived, keeping his (dirty) underwear in the fridge, eating chicken vindaloo and beer milkshakes or cornflakes with grated raw onion and Vindaloo sauce for breakfast (in his mind, everything could use some more curry), and wearing the same set of clothes all the time. Personal hygiene is something to be looked up in a dictionary. But he is no macho-type, loves to watch sad, romantic movies, and is somewhat of a romantic himself. He loves playing the guitar, a hobby for which he has, as everyone will agree, no talent whatsoever. In fact, he is so bad that the other crewmembers only allow him to practice is with a space suit on - in space.

Wait, what was that about him being his own father? Lister found as a baby in a box lying under a pool table in Liverpool. Later it turns out, that he and Kochanski did in fact get together (in another dimension) and had a baby, which he then returned to the Aigbeth Arms in Liverpool, leaving it in a box marked OUROBOROS, under the pool table and says:

For a long time, you’ll think that you were abandoned. You were put here to create a paradox, a unbreakable circle, with us going round and round in time, the human race can never become extinct. We’re like a kind of holding pattern. I’ll see you, son.

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