Along with Bam! and Kick it up a notch one of many "Emerilisms", these phrases which are used commonly by celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse.

The phrase has an important message about Emeril's food philosophy. The modern health-consience eater views pork fat as the nutritional equivilent of chewing on asbestos fibers. Indeed, I know some individuals who place all animal fat in this category. To counteract these fears Emeril Lagasse has taken almost the exact opposite view of the health food industy.

In cooking one cannot really discount the values of pork fat (commonly called lard). Food fried in lard (or beef tallow) has generally fared better in blind taste tests, pie crusts made with lard are generally more "flaky" and have a greater depth of flavor. Wrapping food in bacon helps keep it moist.

However, a responsible chef will keep the amounts of lard in dishes as small as nessecary to achieve the desired effect. Like most foods, lard does little harm if used in moderation, the enjoyment from the flavor and texture it imparts is well worth getting over these rather unfounded fears. Emeril's use of humor to diffuse these fears it a godsent to chefs everywhere.

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