Lard (verb):
To "lard a cut of meat" is to take strips of fat (usually done with sliced bacon, salt pork, etc..) and to insert them deeply into the meat. This is usually accomplished with a "larding needle". A large needle used to thread the strips of fat through the meat. This process adds flavor to bland meat and moisture to dry meat. This technique is used primarily in french cuisine.
An influential heavy metal/punk band consisting of ex-Dead Kennedys frontman Jello Biafra, Ministry's Paul Barker and Alain Jourgensen, William Rieflin, and Jeff Ward.

Between Jello's many spoken word performances, he and Ministry's members get together and record Biafra's many rants and raves to the tune of Ministry's token industrial, heavy metal frenzy.


Power Of Lard – 1988 - (length 37:11)

  1. The Power of Lard
  2. Hellfudge
  3. Time to Melt

Last Temptation Of Reid1990 - (length 57:09)

  1. Forkboy
  2. Pineapple Face
  3. Mate Spawn & Die
  4. Drug Raid At 4AM
  5. Can God Fill Teeth?
  6. Bozo Skeleton
  7. Sylvestre Matuschka
  8. They’re Coming To Take Me Away
  9. I Am Your Clock

Pure Chewing Satisfaction1997 – (length 37:26)

  1. War Pimp Renaissance
  2. I Wanna Be A Drug-Sniffing Dog
  3. Moths
  4. Generation Execute
  5. Faith Hope And Treachery
  6. Peeling Back The Foreskin Of Liberty
  7. Mangoat
  8. Sidewinder

70’s Rock Must Die2000 – (length 18:27)

  1. 70’s Rock Must Die
  2. Volcanus 2000 (We Must Wipe The World)
  3. Ballad Of Marshall Ledbetter

Lard, also known as The Boy Lard, aka Marc Riley: UK Radio One DJ. Does a show with Mark Radcliffe - see Mark and Lard.
Lard was briefly in The Fall, but got kicked out for allegedly disco dancing on a tour of Australia. Subsequently formed The Creepers. Also the Shirehorses, with Mark Radcliffe - now defunct.

Lard (?), n. [F., bacon, pig's fat, L. lardum, laridum; cf. Gr. () fattened, fat.]


Bacon; the flesh of swine.




The fat of swine, esp. the internal fat of the abdomen; also, this fat melted and strained.

Lard oil, an illuminating and lubricating oil expressed from lard. -- Leaf lard, the internal fat of the hog, separated in leaves or masses from the kidneys, etc.; also, the same melted.


© Webster 1913.

Lard, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Larded; p. pr. & vb. n. Larding.] [F. larder. See Lard, n.]


To stuff with bacon; to dress or enrich with lard; esp., to insert lardons of bacon or pork in the surface of, before roasting; as, to lard poultry.

And larded thighs on loaded altars laid. Dryden.


To fatten; to enrich.

[The oak] with his nuts larded many a swine. Spenser.

Falstaff sweats to death. And lards the lean earth as he walks along. Shak.


To smear with lard or fat.

In his buff doublet larded o'er with fat Of slaughtered brutes. Somerville.


To mix or garnish with something, as by way of improvement; to interlard.


Let no alien Sedley interpose To lard with wit thy hungry Epsom prose. Dryden.


© Webster 1913.

Lard (?), v. i.

To grow fat.



© Webster 1913.

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