1. Live a quiet and unassuming life doing exactly what you're told. rat race.
  2. Realize you're being fleeced. Be smug about your new knowledge. Make fun of the sheeple for being so dumb.
  3. Wander to the edge of the pasture and check out the fence. Wish that you could survive without the shepherd.
  4. Escape and live a slightly improved existence as a sheep hermit. Console your hunger with reassurances that you are being slightly less hypocritical.
  5. Look down and realize that you have opposable thumbs. Masturbate until you hurt your elbow (or your fingers cramp).
  6. Start doing what you actually want to do (and/or what you really have to do), instead of what you think(have been trained to think) you have to do.
  7. Do your best not to overly exploit the remaining sheep, unless it would be genuinely entertaining.
  8. Optionally, and under Choice, man, conscious choice, do whatever the hell you want, even if it's being a sheep.

See also: fuck work, sheep, slave, money, corporatism, capitalism, revocery, quit

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