Oh, this Node Title is just crying out for attention, so, here is my attempt to give it the justice it deserves:

  1. Lard is the fat scooped up from boiled down animals. Nothing says "normal" to me more than the boiling of defenceless creatures

  2. Lard produces a natural lubricant, and allows for pain-free insertion of any application tool - be it funnel, hose, or gloved fist

  3. The consistency of lard is roughly equivalent to that of faeces, thus meaning a more natural feeling to the enema

  4. Constipation is said to be able to be relieved by the oral ingestion of oils and other greasy substances, so why not go directly to the source of the problem by injecting greasy, fatty substances up the rectum?

  5. Nothing says "I love you" more than a voucher for a Lard Enema from your local clinic - remember, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner

  6. In poorer countries, and all over Britain (if the UK channel is anything to go by), Lard sandwiches are the norm to eat. For those of us more fortunate, or who cannot stomach the thought of ingesting the lard, it is necessary to take it in other forms, via other passages if you will

  7. Trim Meat, 99.99% Fat Free, Lite, Cholesterol Free, you’ve heard the ads, read the labels, but where does our body get these essential oils, fats and fatty minerals other than through other means?

  8. There are oils for cooking, oils for massage, scented oils for burning, oils for replenishing youth, oils are used in a baptism, and oils in death, but until now the subject of an oil/lard for the rectum has been considered taboo

  9. Far more accepted than the outdated method using molten led and fine slivers of glass

  10. Put it this way: It’s either bran in one end, or lard in the other - one tastes like sawdust, and the other is a warm, slippery substance which smells like Sunday roast - I say "Go for the fat, baby!"

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