I have had a baby hurl breast milk on my hair and down my shirt. I've cleaned scores of puddles of kid vomit. I've changed THOUSANDS of dirty diapers and dealt with hundreds of green gooey noses. This should be a piece of cake.

I live in a camper. Within said camper is a bathroom. Within this only private space is the Aqua-Magic IV Hand Flush Permanent Toilet. This serves as a human waste receptacle, makes a fine chair for daughter when she needs peace and quiet to finish her advanced algebra homework, and is known to start discussions over the merits of keeping the lid down. Why is this important? This toilet has been clogged and unworkable for three days. I'm talking the bowl is full to the lid and reeking up the place. I'm talking NASTY. It's been three days of trekking out in the middle of the night to the public campground toilets. Three days of waiting for someone to take care of it.

Frustration has set in on my part. Minor irritations are becoming major events these days. This is a basic necessity of living in my view, and one that requires immediate attention. I finally have a day off and can take matters into my own hands. Unclogging hasn't worked through the toilet end. RV chemicals haven't worked. I hop off to Camper World in search of a solution to my dilemma. There, whilst perusing the labels of wicked strong camper chemicals that take three days to work...I saw it, like a shining beacon - The RV Hydroflush. YES! Perfect! A camper enema! It worked like a charm. I share my findings with you in case YOU ever have to unclog the black water tank of your camper.

How to unclog a blocked up black water tank

Items needed:

The procedure:

  • Tightly connect the anti-syphon valve to the faucet at the fresh water supply. This is important. This is making doubly sure none of that stuff touches the drinking supply.
  • Make sure the rubber washer is in place, then screw the gray hose to the valve.
  • Attach the other end of the gray hose to the back flow prevention device that is attached to the RV Hydroflush system.
  • Put on those rubber gloves, trust me on this one. You really want them on.
  • Close the grey water tank and the black water tank. Make sure the sewer hose is empty. Shake it down.
  • Hold your breath. Work fast.
  • Disconnect sewer hose from the camper.
  • Connect the hose to the hydroflush, tightly.
  • Connect the hydroflush to the camper sewer pipe, making sure that the flushing system points directly into the holding tank.
  • Breathe
  • Open the black water tank only
  • Remove gloves
  • Turn on the faucet
  • Turn the hydroflush system to open
  • Stand back and witness the power of water shooting out at incredibly high speeds force clean the plugged up bowels of the holding tank.
  • Pull up a lounge chair, grab a notebook, write a node
  • Pay attention, because occasionally you will have to turn off the water to allow a mass of clogging material to pass.
  • Be patient! Eventually the backwash will run clear indicating that the unfortunate stoppage has been eradicated

It took me two hours to unclog my tank. Yes, I figured it out myself. Yes, I'm proud! Woo-hoo, toilet back in operating condition. I am woman hear me roar! *grins*

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