Town in Ontario, Canada. Population: approx. 13,000. Located off the 401 about 45 minutes East of Toronto. Port Hope is largely a tourist town featuring historical buildings and a host of antique shops. It is small and quite hilly with a nice amount of greenery. There are a few bed and breakfasts to stay at. Many people come to fish in the Ganaraska River where the fish are fairly large and swim up the shallow river fairly slowly (it almost seems like you can just grab them yourself at times). It also sports a small beach on Lake Ontario (though not nearly as nice as Cobourg's beach 5 minutes East down Highway 2). Also located in Port Hope are a nice set of waterfront trails. Also worth noting is a seasonal Drive-in movie theater (there aren't that many left) Also has a small firefighter museum.

Not a bad little town to visit and could be a nice break from a long haul down the 401.

Personal recommendation: Mother's for ice cream type stuff if you happen to be there late spring to early fall. Railside is a great diner with an awesome breakfast, though it is a greasy diner style breakfast so take care if you are driving! Jim's Pizzeria has some pretty good pizza and some okay pasta if you are there in the evenings. There are lots of other little restaurants, tea houses, and the like around too. I think most people visit either for fishing or antiquing.

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