I recently found an interesting article describing the man who will become our next Secretary of State, Colin Powell, and the military doctrine named after him.

The Powell Doctrine states:

"That every potential military engagement requires either overwhelming force or none at all."  And that wars should only be fought after asking:  'Is the national interest at stake?'  If the answer is yes, go in, and go in to win.  Otherwise, stay out.."

From "Yesterday's Man", by Lawrence F. Kaplan
The New Republic. January 1 & 8, 2001, p.17.

I certainly agree with the first portion regarding the level of force, as I think most, if not all, students of Vietnam would.  The second part seems kind of isolationist to me and if it is to be workable can not be hard fast and unbending.  The article is rather harsh, but go to The New Republic's website if you want to read part of it.

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