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To ask philosophical questions, to get people thinking, to share a part of myself and to (hopefully) foster meaning.
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This too shall pass.
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Mental Health Treatment Modalities
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"A rebel without a cause is just a punk. Whatever you're called - rebel, unorthodox, nonconformist, radical - it's all self-indulgence without a good cause to give your life meaning... And whatever pains [a rebel's] manner caused, they were fine, even admirable, if they served something greater than his vanity." -- John McCain


My words are all true.
I'm lying to you,
but the words that you hear are all mine. -- Scott Miller

This node is an example of why Byzantine rocks.
I don't get it, but it sounds interesting.
A rare, funny, sparkle of brilliance, or insanity.
Why I think Mitzi is one of the coolest most thoughtful people here.

Even though I like to think all of my write-ups are good contributions to the database, after some thought I think the most worthwhile thing I have ever written in this space must be: Why do we hurt when our loved ones die?

I'm a McCain Groupie
John McCain's Speech on the Religious Right
Opening Statement on Campaign Finance Reform by Senator John McCain
Closing Statement on Campaign Finance Reform by Senator John McCain
John McCain on Bill Clinton's Legacy
John McCain's Commencement Speech to the University of Pennsylvania Class of 2001
John McCain's Commencement Speech to the VMI Class of 2001
Senator John McCain's Statement Concerning the Terrorist Attack on the World Trade Center
John McCain's Forrestal Lecture Series Remarks at the U.S. Naval Academy
John McCain's Eulogy In Honor of Mark Bingham
John McCain's Speech to the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee
John McCain on the Israeli - Palestinian Conflict

Ahab's Summer Reading List
The History of Danish Dreams by Peter Hoeg
The Bone People by Keri Hulme
The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson
An American Tragedy by Theodore Dreiser
Mutiny on the Globe : The Fatal Voyage of Samuel Comstock by Thomas Farel Heffernan
Hooking Up by Tom Wolfe
The Last Tycoon and This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald
The War of Art by Steven Pressfield
Black September to Desert Storm by Claude Salhani
The Moviegoer by Walker Percy
The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov

Nodes or Nodeshells That Need Work
music terminology metanode
selected quotes of c.s. lewis
The Noder's Prayer
Irish slang
Pittsburgh Steelers
Pittsburgh Pirates
The Clarks and related nodes
Big Head Todd and the Monsters and related nodes
Nodes related to The Most Frequently Banned Books in the 1990s
node thyself
it's not right and I don't like it (you were my favorite!)
Fear of Impending Personal Doom
Fix public radio
time and place are not just constructs
Our Last Conversation
Shall I say, I have gone at dusk through narrow streets
I was reminded of those old magnetic clocks that hung on the walls of my classrooms in high school
A Bloody Mary Theory in Tequila Heaven
Am I deserved in my suffering?
Was White Noise the prequal to Fight Club?
How bad is bad enough to count?
Horseshoe Curve
The Difference Between the Clinton and Bush Administrations
Marvin Miller and other baseball nodes
The theory that there is no difference between wishful thinking and reality has been disproved.
The dream of being able to shut oneself off from the state and the world and one's own time
The Triumphant melancholy of the Chosen
America is about the self-directed life

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