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Drugs, drugs, drugs. Modern medicine has a vast array of pharmaceuticals at its fingertips that it can use to heal the sick... Of course, not all the best-laid plans go according to schedule, and sometimes the side effects can be such that their negative impact on the patient's well being out-balances the positive attempt for cure.

Such is the way of the world, and this is a topic that should be discussed elsewhere. For now, I want to focus on how you can go about navigating E2 for the information that you want on a particular drug. The great thing about E2 is that writeups allow the scope for users to put their own personal experience of a drug into the writeup, giving it more depth than the plain chemical effects that can be found elsewhere.

I implore you to add this kind of information to the database. It will be all the richer for it. However, before you go there, please read the E2 FAQ: Prescription medications. As well as any personal experience you may have of a drug, you also need to tell us some of the facts: what are the trade names that it is available as? Side effects? Method of action? Chemical structure? What is it used to treat? All of this is important, and should be included.

Which brings me around to another point; an effort is being made to list all drug writeups under their generic names rather than their trade names. A drug can have many trade names, but only the single generic. Thusly, the best place to file it away in is the generic; trade name nodes will be locked and firmlinks put in in an effort to shepherd you to the right place.

Please do not fear; walk the path laid out for you with your head held high and a spring in your step.

If you really, really, really feel that your writeup should be placed under a trade name, present your reasoning to an $ or @. They will do their best impression of King Solomon, and you never know...

It'll have to be a really good reason though.

The huge, huge numbers of drugs are best found by searching through the system below: area of the body that you are interested in symptoms/diseases/syndromes within that body system the types of drugs that are used to treat said symptoms/diseases/syndromes a list of drugs that are of that type.

So, to start you on your path:

It should be noted that a single drug is often used to treat a range of different conditions; I'm not arguing that this system is perfect, and things may well be missed. Any glaring omissions are best dealt with by messaging me and telling me to sort it out. Or something.

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