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A nonexistent anime/manga spoofing magical girl and shoujo manga in general. The main character is Pretty Combat Communist Rika-chan, relating to the title Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon. Apparently several people have fallen for the parody despite the disclaimer on the front page.

Read about Rika-chan and Stalin, Mao and Anastasia here: http://bishounen.org/pccr/

Here are the "episode titles" (sheer brilliance, all copyrighted to the site creator, Janelle Jimenez):
1. Surprise! Rika-chan is a Heroine! 
2. Look Out! There's Hide-kun! 
3. Velocity! Kittens Can Fly! 
4. ? 
5. ? 
6. Bash! Fight the Evil Man! 
7. Duck! The Crazed School Festival! 
8. Gasp! Rika-chan Sings the Blues! 
9. ? 
10. Dance! It's Your Birthday! 
11. Retaliate! I Hate Hide-kun! 
12. Ouch! That's Tetsuya! 
13. ? 
14. Swim! The Class Fishing Trip! 
15. ? 
16. ? 
17. NII! Bring Us a Shrubbery! 
19. Weird! I Usually Don't Dress Like This! 
20. Quiet! No Talking in the Library! 
21. Poke! Hey, That's My Eye! 
22. Hurray! The Great Misao Has Arrived! 
23. ? 
24. ? 
25. Watch Out! Rika-chan and the Falling Aardvarks 
26. Wasted! Rika-chan, Get Out of the Closet! 

Season Two:

27. Fight! For Your Right To Party!
29. Bonk! That's My Knee! 
30. Run! Rika-chan is a Monster!
31. ? 
32. No! Stalin, Please Don't Hurt Them! 
33. Wow! Kanno Removes His Hat!
34. Fly! Mishi Eats Too Much! 
35. Shock! Misao-san, I don't swing that way! 
36. ? 
37. Stoned! Mishi is a Heretic! 
38. Back-flip! The Communist Who Makes Toast! 
39. ? 
40. Yo! Where's the Beef? 
41. Execute! The Five-Year Plan! 
42. Lost! Has Anyone Seen My Pants? 
43. Confused! That doesnt go there! 
44. ? 
45. Toxic! Mishi Needs a Bath! 
46. Hohoho! Merry Christmas! 
47. Retreat! Rika-chan and the Amazing Food De-Hydrator! 
48. ? 
49. Blink! There's Dust In My Eye! 
50. Seizure! Love Makes You Palsy! 
51. Dodge! Misao's Horrible Idea! 
52. Sob! This is the End! 

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