Mac users everywhere, I feel your pain.

It happens every time you download and install the latest version of Netscape Communicator: you restart, and with a shudder, notice the yellow anthropomorphic-blob-with-a-megaphone icon on your menu bar. A splash screen appears, asking you to configure your AOL Instant Messenger account.

Now maybe you tried to be smart, and selected "Custom Install" from the little drop-down menu. Hmm, no mention of AIM there. Maybe they removed it? Restart. Cringe. Repeat.

Well, here's what you can do to save yourself the trials and travails of removing AOL Instant Messenger from your Mac. Open up the "Communicator 4.76 Complete" or somesuchly named folder where the installer lives. You'll see a folder in there called AIM Module. Drag it to the trash.

Now start the Netsape installer. A few clicks later, the installer will ask you to "Please insert the disk: AIM Module". Click 'skip' and go on about your merry way, AIMless.

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