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mission drive within everything
Push the lever, get some food.
Push the lever, get an electrical shock.
19th century horror, amateur Egyptology, Mac OS, occultism, Perl, Fortean phenomena, anticonsumerism, anarchism, and fatherhood.
I keep my own company.
My ego is too vast to be contained within a narrow creed.
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Current fringe science experiment:
Studying the effects of sleep deprivation and extended periods of extreme caffeination on the interpretation of sensory data transmitted to and stored in an organic holographic memory machine.

Current disposable hobby:
Cartooning. He's a (capital p) Punk. He's spiky and cute. And he's a zombie. Run over by a soccer mom, Ed has returned from the dead, wanting nothing more than to haunt the old haunt: the diner down the street, where the coffee doesn't take crap from anybody.

Current pole:
Manic, man, manic.

Advice to other noders:
Don't downvote, /msg.

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Hello. My name is c--- and I am a recovering goth.

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