Priceline has this awesome new service that allows a user to bid on the price of their gasoline.

First, you are sent a Priceline Gascard via USPS. Then, you sign on and enter the number of the card on their web site.

You are asked for some personal information, and are presented with a list of participating gas stations in your area using either your zip code or city and state information as search criteria.

I can only speak for the Seattle area in saying that the choices are plentiful. I chose three gas stations that are on my route to work.

Then you must choose the grade of gasoline that you wish to purchase, choose a quantity to pre-purchase, and the amount you wish to bid.

Priceline then asks for your credit card / debit card information, and processes your request. If your bid is accepted, a page is displayed that shows which gas station you can go to and the number of gallons charged to your card. An authoriztion ID is also displayed on this page.

When you pump your gas, instead of inserting your credit card / debit card, insert the Priceline card and enter the authorization ID.

Doing this, I save about 25-30% on my annual gas cost, which adds up to about $350.

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