Princess Prince is a comic book by Tomoko Taniguchi.

Originally released in Japanese, it is being tranlated and released in the United States by CPM Manga, a comic book publisher that specializes in translated Japanese comics.

The basic story is that twin princes have to keep up the charade that one of them is actually a princess in order to keep at bay a prophecy that doom will befall their kingdom should there not be a princess. Complications arise when the prince that must play princess falls in love with a girl who falls in love with a mysterious knight (actually the disguised prince) who rescues her. To make matters worse, another young man overhears a conversation between the two princes and mistakenly assumes that they are both princesses instead and begins pursuing the prince.

This comic is suitable for all ages and is intended primarily for young girls.

The first issue of this monthly series was released in September, 2000 for just under $3.00 for 32 pages.

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