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"I am The Mastermind," a deep male voice bellowed out in the crowded room. A plump figure clad in large hat and long coat hunched at the front of the room, a plume of smoke drifting from his cigar. A beam of light from somewhere at the top of the back of the room cut through the smoke, scattering in all directions. "You can only escape from here by convincing yourself I do not exist." He touched the brim of his hat with the muzzle of a forty-five, before waving the weapon at his audience. From somewhere in the audience, a shot rang out, a jagged hole appearing a moment later in the shoulder of his coat. The man stood still momentarily, as if waiting to feel the effect of the shot, then dashed sideways behind a stack of packing crates. A muzzle flash burst from behind them, this was followed by a scream from somewhere near the front of the room as a bullet ripped through someone's clothing near their heart.

The somewhat confused crowd broke into panic, and began rushing en masse for the building exits, only to fail to be able to find them. One brave but possibly rather foolish young gentleman boldly charged the crates, smashing head-first into them, but bouncing straight off instead of knocking them over or going through them. The 'Mind leapt on top of the crates, and dropped down on the younger man, coat billowing out behind him, bringing the butt of his revolver down on the back of his head. He stood triumphantly over the motionless body, and looked around at the crowd now in complete disarray, his face still visible to no one, snickering ridiculously, "Huh-hoo-hahahahaha."

Please Patrick McGoohan, never do 3D movies, surround-sound is bad enough.

Ok, </mind-warp> for the evening I think, and back to more sane things.

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