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A Debian-based Linux distribution created by Ian Murdock's company, Progeny. It is based on potato (Debian 2.2). Progeny aims to bring ease of installation and use to the raw sexiness that is Debian.

Although you can buy a boxed set for $49.95 USD, which includes manuals, 4 CDs, 30 days of phone support, and 90 days of Progeny Service Network, you can also download it for free. (Duh, it's a Linux distro. It has to be free for download.) If you wish, you can just download it and register your copy for $39.95, and get the same phone + PSN thingy you would get with the boxed set.

Progeny comes with a two-stage graphic installer. The first stage is a 640x480x16 type deal, and is used to install the base system and choose what X server to use. XFree86 comes in both 3.x and 4.x flavors. After that finishes and reboots, the installer resumes in whatever video mode looks prettiest on your video card. You get a simple list of package groups to install (Netscape, developer tools, games, etc).

Of course, you still get apt and dselect and all the other tools that make Debian worth running.

Progeny installs Gnome and Sawfish/Sawmill as the default window manager. This is a pleasant combination and I recommend it highly. KDE also works; I was able to use konsole immediately.

Other than the ease of installation, I found the most useful aspect of Progeny to be that they had XFree86 4.x working. At the time of this writing, getting XFree86 4.x working under regular Debian can be tricky.

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