A relatively new Linux distribution that is put out by Stormix Technologies. Stormix is based around the small and mid-size business, not the large one. It also works well with individual users just trying to get the hang of Linux.

In January, 2001, Stormix filed for bankruptcy to protect itself from its creditors. The company's web site is still functional, and a copy of their distribution is still available on sourceforge, but there is no sign of life from other online data repositories (as of April, 2001).

The company, located in British Colombia, Canada has been decent enough to keep some resources alive for its supporters, and the mailing list run through their web site seems to be functional to this date (April, 2001). Under Canadian law, filing for bankruptcy does not mean that the company has dissovled; it is instead a manner of protecting a company during a period of severe financial instability. Stormix may be able to turn this around, but it seems unlikely in the current financial climate. Furthermore, the niche they were trying to fill (a user-friendly version of debian) has been filled by progeny linux, another packaging of debian that seems to have more support from the online community.

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