Project McMayhem

Now, having worked in McDonald's at one point in my life, I do not condone anything that is going to be said in this node. I do have to say this. I was laughing so hard when I was told this, because I have the pictures to prove some of it.

Having said this let me begin.

This conversation starts out as any other does, small talk and such until he starts with asking me this out of the blue.
"Did I ever tell you about the method in which I have to die?"

Well, of course I was astonished, and a little bit intrigued. So I tell him this, and he proceeds with this long-winded response.*

"Well, it all started a few weeks ago... My friend Doug** is a 25 year old burnout who lives with his mom and hates his job at McDonald's... In return, we take every opportunity to demean the image of the restaurant... It all started to cheer him up while he was working Drive-Thru..Earlier in the week I'd found a very large Ronald McDonald Cut-Out with him holding a big blue sign that is blank (you may have seen this blue box outline covered by a dome and filled with a display for the kids toys... So without the dome it just looks like a sign). We spraypaint "You're eating rats" on it and angle it so people only see it AFTER they order and start driving up... Now of course, as I said Doug is working drive-thru and is in on it, so he just says he'll report it and does shit... This continues all night until a few minutes before 11 pm closing the franchise OWNER decides to come through the drive-thru he finds it and he thinks militant vegans did it..."

Well, I coulden't believe him, untill he sent over a few pictures. I am not kidding, this actually happened! Then he goes on to say more...

"Another time Doug steals a drive-thru headset, which is portable on battery and we hit every McDonald's in the county screwing with drive-thru customers from the parking lot and the managers and staff are powerless to stop us or even know it was us... Faking entire scenes and acting normal while having odd background noises and people muttering odd things like "Dude, you killed that roach with a burger put it back before the manager sees" and this went on for hours until the cops came and we calmly drove off..."

Yeah, well. Trust me you would have to know this guy to believe that he would do this. With the pictures backing his other story, who am I to argue?

There will be more to come, as far as I know. I will post them as I get word that it has.

* This content was edited for language
** Names were changed.

I am aware of the spelling error in the title, and it has been addressed.

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