I'm sure I was never like that when I was younger! Was I? When did I get old?

Whatever happened to being polite to your elders, minding your ps and qs and such like. It doesn't hurt to shut your gob once in a while. Listen, I might have something useful to say. You'd be surprised how often I say to myself "I remember that happening to me when I was younger". Thing is, I also remember getting into trouble for doing exactly the same thing.

Why should I bother? Why do I have to keep on telling you that it's all going to go pear shaped? Why can't I just let you get on with your own thing and let you learn the hard way?
Because you're a kid. I can't stand to watch you make the same mistakes I did. I don't want you to end up here like me.

You're only young and I'm gonna keep telling you things if you like it or not. You might learn something.

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