Shorthand way of writing Queen Elizabeth II, in popular usage in Britain this most commonly refers to the Queen Elizabeth II cruise liner, the flagshap of the Cunard Cruise Line. When she was built in 1969 she was the most luxurious liner ever built, and at 70,327 tons and 963 feet long with a top speed of 32.5 knots she is still one of the largest and fastest passenger vessels afloat.

QE2 can also refer to a large conference and exhibition centre of the same name opposite Westminster Abbey in London.

QE2 could also refer to a now closed Alternative Night Club in Albany, NY. It was the hang out for the local punk, goth, industrial and many other sub-cultures. A truly unique place in the history of the Alternative Scene. At one point they were sued by the Cunard Line Cruise Line that owns the QE2 cruise liner for violating their trade mark, thankfully nothing ever came of it.

The QE2's reputation transcended the local area bringing in night club goers from New York City, Montreal, Boston and other areas of the Northeastern US on a regular basis.

Many famous bands played the QE2. The venue only held about 200 people so booking in large name bands was a singular feat of the clubs promoter. When Marilyn Manson was gaining a wide spread following in the US I saw them at the QE2. It was a singularly amazing night.

After closing, the site was reopened as the Fuze Box.

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