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This is a creature native to the Discworld.

Due to the high magic fields on the Disc, the butterfly has evolved to be able to use the Butterfly Effect in its own defence. It can, using aforementioned effect, generate small, localised rain/thunder/snow storms directly above it's aggressor. The butterfly may be found in several of the books (IIRC), and also features in the first Discworld game.

but if it's consciously using the butterly effect, does that make it somehow, not an actual butterfly effect but a variant? consciousness, last i checked, tends to negate the random nature of most random effects. if it were genuine butterfly effect, which cannot be predicted, once set in motion, it could not be used as a weapon, since, in attempting to direct it, one would negate it, or lose control of it. as an incidental source of butterfly effect, i have absolutely no idea what my effect will be on any situation, nor would i want to.

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