Fifth and final game in Sierra's Quest for Glory series. Here the Hero travels to Silmaria to try to discover who murdered the King; along the way, he has to throw out barbarian invaders, make peace between the Silmarians and the residents of Atlantis, go to Hell--well, Hades anyway--and complete various other quests. Overall, the game provides a satisfactory ending to a good series. It uses polygon-based animation in place of the cartoonish sprites of the past, which is a change I don't welcome; too often, game designers spend too much time on graphics and too little time on the game itself. QFG5's designers avoid this problem on the whole, though, offering quests that range from good ol' hack and slash ) to trickier, more cerebral puzzles.

I don't much care for the fighting system. I ended up using one hand to control the mouse and another hand to use magic; I really needed a third hand to control the arrow keys that let me move and dodge. It doesn't matter too much, though, as the opponents aren't that smart most of the time. That said, the plot is captivating and the scenery is often beautiful. Moreover, it's a good challenge--you're competing against four other computer players who will beat you if you don't get your butt in gear.

Thus, complaints aside, I enjoyed the game immensely. I just have one question: what the heck is up with the ghost in the top floor of the bar?

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