"Whatever that is written in Latin is looked upon highly".

This is a particularly cool phrase: First, it is itself in action - This looks cool because it's in Latin.

Secondly, it is a good example that people fear and respect things that they can't understand; If it's written in language that no one understands, it's got to be something important!

See: xenophilia

Update 2000-08-29: Well, I don't know much of Latin myself - I merely quoted the fortune cookies. This thing is a meme that spreads like a wildfire, mutations do occur.

*beep* engage pedantry mode... Videtur (yeah, the present case has an e, no big deal) means either: "seems" or "is looked at (upon)." If it is "looked upon," then "highly" would be an adverb... Thus, "alte." If it is to be "seems," then it would in fact be the neuter subjective - "altum." Assuming the least amount of spelling errors in the original text, it would more correctly translate into

"Whatever is composed in Latin, seems noble."

Exit pedantry mode. Anyone more knowledgable than I, please, correct me, and contribute to the Latin education of Everything.

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