RAWA (Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan) was created in 1977 in Kabul, Afghanistan. The group represents Afghan women in a common battle for human rights and social justice in Afghanistan, mostly under extreme circumstances.

Founded by a group of intellectuals under the leadership of Meena, the group's original objective was to involve Afghan women in socio-political activities and to promote the establishment of a secular and democratic government. After the Soviet-led coup of April 1978 and the eventual occupation in 1979, RAWA became one of the most celebrated groups in the resistance movement. The group worked to establish essential services for refugee women in neighbouring Pakistan and helped to establish schools, hospitals, and the delivery of food to the needy.

During the Soviet occupation, RAWA members were routinely persecuted for their anti-Soviet demonstrations. Unfortunately, the situation hasn't been much better after the occupation ended. RAWA members are now pretty much in hiding from the current Taliban government who has marked the group for punishment due to their pro-secular and anti-fundamentalist message.

Without support from the UN and from international NGOs, RAWA is suffering immensely. They've managed to set up a website (www.rawa.org) which details the atrocities that the general population of Afghanistan are enduring under the harsh leadership of the Taliban government...and unless you've got a strong stomach, you do not want to see the pictures of public executions, torture, dismemberment, and other atrocities.

Needless to say, this group needs our support and they've asked the denizens of the Web to send more mini-cameras and other "spy equipment" to help them detail more of the atrocities being committed by the Taliban. Each of us should take the time to visit the site and, where possible, help in their struggle.

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