In Britain (and some other Commonwealth countries), the Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. A charitable organisation dedicated to animal rights, formed out of the SPCA in 1840 when Queen Victoria gave permission for the organisation to call itself "Royal"

One of the largest charities in the UK, the RSPCA runs animal hospitals and has a team of over 300 inspectors who ensure that kennels, catteries, farms and other places where animals are kept meet legal requirements for humane treatment, as well as collecting evidence and prosecuting those responsible for animal cruelty. Website

In modern Britain, the "Royal" prefix is seeming increasingly absurd in the cold light of day. If you think about it, you soon realise that the charity is being patronised by a family whose main contribution to animal welfare is (a) chasing animals until their heart valves prolapse; (b) tearing them apart with several large dogs; and (c) blasting them out of the sky/trees with big fuck-off shotguns.

Some radicals in this country are now suggesting that, y'know, perhaps they aren't really the best animal rights role models.

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