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Rachel Green is Jennifer Aniston's character on Friends.

Rachel comes from a wealthy family, and was quite spoiled, (especially in the first 4 or 5 episodes). She was a childhood friend of Monica.
She came to live with Monica after she left her fiance Barry at the alter.

Rachel eventually fell in love with Ross, (who had been in love with her all along).

Their relationship came to an end when Ross slept with the copy shop girl when he thought they were on a break.

Rachel later married Ross in a drunken stupor in Las Vegas, but the marriage was quickly ended.

Rachel is currently pregnant, (no one knows who the father is). That was revealed on the final episode of season 7.

The thing that makes Rachel special is that she is real. More real than any of the other characters on the show. Rachel isn't just a stereotype. She doesn't do, (or say), the unbelievable things that all the other Friends characters do. That is what makes her so attractive.

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