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Radical Radial is a rare arcade game that was produced in 1982 by Nichibutsu. It is a shooter / racer type game, in which you play the part of a car tire. You attempt to race to the finish line, but rocks and bugs get in your way. Shoot the bugs, and jump over the rocks to win.

This is a two player game, but the players take turns instead of playing at the same time. The graphics are nice and colorful, but unfortunately the gameplay just doesn't hold up to a lot of the better shooters out there.

This title seems to have been a conversion kit for old Taito machines. I don't believe any dedicated cabinets were produced. The control panel used a single joystick mounted in the center of the panel, with fire buttons on either side (both buttons do the same thing). The monitor was mounted horizontally, but the action area was actually vertical, as the right side of the monitor showed scoring information (this game should have been a vertical game in my opinion).

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