The Great Radio Tiki Experiment: Eclectic News and Humor

A wonderful, hilarious, wonderfully hilarious internet radio show out of Schaumberg, Illinois. Located at and hosted by Tom, Chris, Maurice and Jeff (last names generally withheld), this show airs live every Friday at 8 PM Central and rebroadcast during the week.

Highlights of the show include:
•Joanna, the lovely intern
•The Buffy Report, a summary of that week's Buffy The Vampire Slayer episode
Last Meal, a game in which all the guys try to guess the last meal of a randomly chosen Texas death row inmate
•Jeff's Movie Review, a sometimes scathing, always intelligent review of a recent movie or movies
•The encore channel
•And some other stuff

Listen today!
An online humor radio show airing every Friday night, 8 pm US Central, at

Based out of the Chicago area, this quasi-weekly show can be up to four hours each week. Hosted by locals Tom, Maurice, Chris, Brad, and Jeff, the five provide an interesting and entertaining show, discussing a variety of topics in a very loosely based format. As this site is run and hosted independently, they are free from censorship and need for advertising.

Since the show began in early 2000, it has developed a strong and unique fanbase, especially considering the show has received no real form of publicity, except for briefly being listed in the iTunes presets. They discuss everyday concepts such as national news, movies, and music, and also spend time each show interacting with the listeners.

This write-up makes it sound a little stuffy, but trust me, this show is pretty funny. The mix of social commentary and crude jokes provides a really interesting listen, and you can hear a rebroadcast of each show whenever you want, which is very convenient.

I recommend you give it a listen once in a while, you might actually like it.

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