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A famous Turkish pop singer.

He was born in Edirne, Turkey in August 25, 1968 and moved to Germany with his family at the age of 7.

He released his first album, "Gencligin Gozyasi", in 1995. This album sold 800,000 official copies, which was really high for a new pop singer on that year.

He has 5 solo albums so far. After "Gencligin Gozyasi", he released "En Guzel Gunler Senin Olsun" (1997), "Hayat Huzunlu" (1999), "Hanimeli" (2001) and finally "5NR Ask" (2002).

He knows German, English, Italian and Turkish. He has two little daughters, but unfortunately he was divorced from his beauty contest title-holder wife last year.

In August 19,1999 he had a concert in Rumelihisari, Istanbul, but two days before this concert, a disastrous earthquake occured in Turkey and with this one all the concerts, entertainment events were either canceled or postponed. He never gave that concert and even I could not return my concert ticket to the concert company. I am still keeping that valuable ticket at home in my archive.

That year he appeared in German TV channels in order to collect and donate money for the victims of this tragedy.

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