An inverted rollercoaster at Cedar Point with a ride length of 2:32, and a first drop height of over 100 feet. This is by far the smoothest coaster at the park, and I highly reccomend it even to people who hate coasters. I rode it six times in one day (I could ride it for hours and not get sick, that's how slick this thing is!). It has one loop, one butterfly loop, two in-line spins, and a host of other wonderful manuvers - this thing even sounds smooth. Smoothest ride is in the second car, the wait for the first car is definately worth it, though.

A bird of prey; a bird that hunts and survives by it. Examples include the Peregrine Falcon, the Kestrel, the Goshawk, the Gyrfalcon, the Osprey and others.

Read these runes! They were inscribed by Thorn the Mannamavi...

And so begins Gary Jennings's historical novel of the Gothic empire, as seen through the eyes of a hermaphrodite who rises from monastery scullion to first advisor to King Theodoric. In typical Jennings style, his hero enters the world ignorant, is deflowered, and proceeds to romp through history and beds with equal abandon.

Meticulous research is also one of Jennings's trademarks, and it shows in the details of the times and culture. I started this book knowing little about the Ostragoths save they were "barbarians who sacked Rome" -- but now I realize that they had a vital, visceral culture with a strange and terrible beauty.

Rap"tor (?), n. [L. raptor, from rapere to ravish. See Rapid.]

A ravisher; a plunderer.



© Webster 1913.

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