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Raymond Luxury Yacht is a character who made a brief appearance in "Monty Python's flying circus." In the episode which also has the "Election night special," where the silly party are running for re-election against the sensible party, and the very silly party. Series two, episode nineteen.

Mr Luxury Yacht assures us that although his name is spelt "Luxury Yacht" (With the ch voiced as in chive or chin) it is pronounced "Throat Wobbler Mangrove." He then gets into an argument with Michael Palin as to whether his nose (A foot long Polystyrene thing) is a fake or not. Palin tells him to go away, saying "You are a very silly man, and I don't want to talk to you anymore." Mr Luxury Yacht is told he can pick his nose up from the front desk when he leaves, and we never see him again.

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