By the water cooler this morning I heard the facilities manager talking about dream interpretations. Of course, being the water cooler, on a snowy friday morning, it wasn't something meant to get the neurons firing. He told of a woman he knows that dreampt recently of being a man making love to a women, and waking up just upon realizing that the woman is her.

Just to get the above out of the way, and get to the point: That's a beautiful thing, go girl! It is best to love yourself, so that you may love others, which is better.

What struck my four-track brain, is that the water-cooler is not the forum to delve into the wonderful subtleties of sexuality, nor that the women should be reassured if this is bothering her. ( It's an all male water-cooler, being in the software development wing ). But that phrase 'dream interpretations'... of course I've heard it before, but it's all wrong.

Dreaming is our uber-reptilian brain with emotion and memory wrappers trying to interpret reality. No more, no less, at least to me. It's reality interpretation, trying to apply interpretation to the interpretation, is paradoxical. It is just the sort of thing that invites nightmares. I suspect the same sort of thing led to the jabberwocky.

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