CUT TO:    Long shot of houses, and above, a flying lasagna.

What happens when Robert Anton Wilson writes something for a larger audience? A primer to the ideas he has been developing for years, refined/reposistioned and written 1992, Reality Is What You Can Get Away With is an illustrated screenplay that reflects theory in theory and theory in practice.


This is a screenplay where everything makes sense on an intuitive level. It's as if one were to transplant the story structure of Finnegans Wake or Schrodinger's Cat and translate the hearty centers of those novels' conceptual design into a plausible film format. There are many pictures throughout the books, possible frames to be inserted in this film, which would be almost like a collage, but with narrative. There are some individuals in the world who may consider it a didactic experience, but what those people don't realize is that if you don't break a third wall sometimes, the communication you may desire to expouse will remain unheard.

The narrator is inside the film. The narrator may be Robert Anton Wilson. He's in many photographs in here--standing with the likes of Abraham Lincoln, J. R. "Bob" Dobbs, Jane Russell, Herve Villechaize or dressed as the werewolf, as a nazi getting punched by Indiana Jones. There is all this fodder in the world, and the more we can manipulate the fuck out of the universe and its art permutations, the more ideas we will discover to communicate. In pursuance of that magic world where ideas can be communicated by reference to almost archetypal figures. Reading the script, the only director I can think of that would make this a terrific movie would be Ralph Bakshi--it is most akin to Wizards and Street Fight in its style and approach.

CUT TO:    Bumper sticker on passing car: HONK IF YOU THINK YOU ARE TURNING INTO A GOOSE


So, what's it all about, Alfie? The Eightfold Model of Human Consciousness. Operating on the Non-Local Quantum Circuit. It's about not accepting reality as just as it is. It's about realizing when you are a robot, and how to go about changing that. Every decent man is ashamed of his government. I believe that while many of Wilson's more esoteric ideas come off as new age to a lot of people. He addresses that in the story.

NARRATOR:    The New Age is the greatest evolutionary breakthrough since our ancestors crawled out of the sea onto the land. It is a biological, technological, neurological, and psychological transformation unprecendented in history.

MIDGET:         Wait a goddamn minute here. You just said it was a load of bullshit.

NARRATOR:    That's right... It's both. Somethings called New Age are tremendous evolutionary mutations. Other things called New Age are pure bullshit.

MIDGET:        Well, how can we tell the difference?

NARRATOR:    The only way to distinguish the pure gold from the counterfeit is... to learn to think for yourself... To stop being robots.

This is a highly recommended read. Perhaps someday we will see it made into a film, though I imagine it is highly unlikely that day will be soon.

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