I wake up that I may know again
Your eyes that paralyze me
I wake that I again may pen
The thoughts that voice denies me

To touch your skin, I will begin
A day in a world that holds you
To know each night that I have been
Inexplicably found within you

I wake to know the way you breathe
You breathe so close beside me
I wake to know you'll never leave
Your life you'll not deny me

I think of you for my first thought
I hear your beauty sing
I can't believe what love has wrought
I love your everything

I live and wait to see our fingers
Entwined and lost together
I wait to know your scent that lingers
Like fields full of heather

I know someday it will be true, tomorrow you'll be there
But now I sit and wait for you, and dream on your golden hair

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