It's that feeling you get when you just wake up in the middle of a fantastic dream. You know the feeling, the one you have without knowing you exist, just after you wake up, whether or not you care to exist at all, you just are. But this never even occurs to you until hours after this feeling passes.

However, you're up, and you're stuck awake. You let out a groan, bury your face in the pillows, and pull the blankets over your head, knowing the whole time that sleep has left. So you swing your legs to the ground, stretch your arms above your head, and reluctantly greet the day.

Slowly, as you make your tea, you begin to lose that split second of pure contentment from your dream, and you grasp for it wildly. Finding that you can't keep it, you give up on trying to preserve the fuzzy feeling that is rapidly fading, you let it go, hoping it finds you again soon.

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