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I live down the street from a public library. Everyone there knows my name, and my preference in books. The thing is, I don’t like libraries. I mean, they’re perfectly good if I need to do research or need a place to go where there is quiet, but if I want to read a book I’m going to go out and buy it. The words just seem to mean more when I’ve bought the book. I know that the words are still the same wither a trillion people have seen them, or if I’m the only one to lift them from that page. The words are the same if I get the book from a library or I get it from the book store, but they seem all the more beautiful when I know that if I ever want to leaf through the pages again, it will always be within my reach, on the bookshelf only a few feet away. I like knowing that every person who has leafed through my copy of a novel has appreciated it. My books aren’t meant to be read by a student hurrying to finish before a test. My books are meant to be devoured and worshiped. They are meant to be appreciated as the artistic masterpieces they are.

I know I can get my words for free at the library only a few blocks away. And when I do go to the library I will be greeted by name. But, to me, the words are worth so much more than that.

Building up my own personal bookself makes me feel like an intellectual. Reading the books that are housed upon the simple wooden shelf transport me to extraordinary minds. With a flip of a page I'm being seduced by a young nymphet or falling down the endless rabbit hole.

If you’re not sure that you’ll like a book, don’t go to your local bookstore first. Find out a little about the author, or check out the book at the library before you buy. You wouldn’t purchase a piece of art with out viewing it first, treat your books like you would treat a piece of artwork.

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