Sometimes, you want to read a book but you don't want to buy it. Well, at least in the United States you most likely are paying for a public library with your tax dollars, and you may not be taking full advantage of it.

Libraries are great--you can read lots of things. Checking out a book can be a good way to see if you want to buy it (especially true for things like cookbooks and other reference materials,) and can save you money for the books you wish to only read once and then never touch again, (like romance novels or mysteries, or other popular books).

I've been using the library to read history and political books--two things I don't know as much about as I would like. It's a great way to devour material that would cost a small fortune to purchase.

If you're trying to get a current best seller, you may have to reserve it in advance, or be on a waiting list, but eventually you'll get it, you just need to be patient.

So, dust off that library card and get your butt down to the library. You'll be glad you did.

(Disclaimer: I am not a librarian. I don't even play one on TV. I just think public libraries are wonderful things and should be utilized. They mesh very well with my philosophy.)

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